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Seizing Happy


What We're About...

Seizing Happy is a Life Coaching organization dedicated to helping individuals find their inner happiness through improving the 5 main sectors of human wellness. These include spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational and emotional. These sectors affect your work, personal relationships, growth, prosperity and other important parts of your life, and they require equal attention. 

We believe finding inner happiness is a daily activity. We believe we then have to work at keeping that happiness. This is why our organization name is a verb. 

There are an infinite number of paths one can take to improve each and all of the happiness sectors, we're here to help you find your path to Seizing Happy.

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Our Goal...

What's happiness to you?

As you're reading this, your answer won't be the same as anyone else's. Your list of "what leads to happiness" might be composed of goals like getting a promotion, buying a new house, or finding the right partner. All those are GREAT things! But how long does that happiness last

What is happiness to you outside of those things? 

That might be much harder to answer, right now. 

Seizing Happy aims to help you find your happiness in its truest form. Happiness that is lasting and ongoing, happiness that blooms from the inside out, not from external triggers such as other people or material possessions. Happiness that you can enjoy even during hard times.

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Our Thinking...

Happiness is not a one-size-fits- all type of thing and it changes throughout our life. What made you happy at the age of twelve doesn't make you happy anymore; it might even seem silly. What made you happy at 25, at 30, at 53... it keeps changing. We keep changing that's why it's Seizing Happy, as in: actively going for it all the time, through the years, daily, always. We're here to give you steps to learn how to start - and continue - Seizing Happy and enjoy the ride.

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Our Method...

Seizing Happy is a multidimensional project that aims to give you the tools and tips that help get you through the highs and lows of the day to day, while still working on actively Seizing Happy, your happy. 

Through one-on-one work with our Life Coaches,  webinars, workshops, self help books and eBooks, as well as other sources we want to help you find  happiness within. 

This is the happiness that we believe will continue to exist despite not achieving goals like getting the promotion, or having the newest gadget or car... Seizing Happy refers to the  happiness that isn't fleeting; a happiness that is yours to keep and enjoy, always, no matter what. 


Seizing Happy is NOT a counseling service, it is a coaching and self improvement program. If you are suffering with  depression we encourage you to seek a psychologist/therapist. Please click below to find one near you. 

To learn more about the difference between coaching and therapy click here.

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