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Life Coach GiGi Diaz founded Seizing Happy after her own struggle with happiness and her path to discovering the truth we believe in our organization: that Happiness Exists Within. 

An immigrant to the United States, GiGi achieved great goals and found success at a young age. She worked on children’s shows from the age of 9, participated in multiple radio and television commercials growing up. She went on to become part of a singing-dancing, all girl music group called FRESH where she performed with the Disney Channel, for Christina Aguilera, and throughout South Florida. 

Through high school she worked as a writer and columnist for multiple print publications successfully starting her career as a journalist. Fresh out of high school she began her entrepreneurial path opening a dance studio, GiGi’s Academy which, to this day, still serves as a beacon of fun and safety in her community; giving children a place to learn team work, respect, discipline and more through the art of dance. 

While running her dance studio, GiGi has continued her career in radio and television working for organizations like Univision, Telemundo, Radio Disney, SBS Broadcasting and currently iHeart Radio where she is an on air personality on multiple stations. 

GiGi graduated from Florida International University with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Anthropology, and a Master’s degree in Global Strategic Communications. 

How could someone with such success before 30 still be unhappy? 

This seems to be a topic that has become more prevalent in the last years, successful individuals who are still unsatisfied and unhappy. It's not selfishness and it's not always depression. 

It's the fact that in our society we often look to find our “happiness” on the next goal, the next big challenge, the next obstacle to overcome.  It took years and many mistakes for GiGi realize this, it took battling loneliness and emptiness – despite it all going so well on the outside – to realize that none of the great things in her life were enough to make her feel happiness inside. More importantly to make her feel happiness through failures too. 

The accomplishments – whether a promotion, a new project, or new show – were like a happiness “fix” and, very much like buying a new car or getting a new gadget, that happiness is short lived and we need a new “hit”, a new goal to chase. 

This is where the path started to change. This path was long but eventually it led GiGi to seeking her ICF Certification in Coaching at the University of Miami along with a certificate from the Happiness Studies Academy – the first program of its kind in the country founded by Harvard University’s Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar who also taught two of the largest courses in Harvard University’s history, “Positive Psychology” and the Psychology of Leadership. 

Through applying her training in coaching and happiness studies to her own days GiGi found an immense change in her life, personal and professional, that led her to founding Seizing Happy. In addition to coaching GiGi is also a motivational speaker helping others reach their full potential and start on their path to Seizing Happy. So that no matter their state of success in life, they can find their happiness within and hold on to it. 



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